Flexi Bath Baby Bathtub

When I was approached by Whitestep to review a Flexi Bath Baby Bathtub with the little one I didn’t hesitate. He simply adores bath times and as the bath can be used for such a wide age range (0 – 4 years) it is something we would be able to go on using for a long time rather than just a few months, always a bonus! Until we tried the Flexi Bath he had used a bath that had an inbuilt support for his head and body allowing almost a hands free bath time for me and probably some kind of reassurance for him that he was well supported in the water. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know how much he loves a bath, he crosses his legs over and puts them on the side of the bath, just like he would if he had his feet on the coffee table while watching tv for example and he’s always lovely and calm in his tub so I was wondering how the Flexi Bath would compare to his existing baby bath.

What struck me was how compact it was when it arrived. It folds up almost flat so takes up hardly any space in the bathroom (or kitchen if like me you bath your little one in there when they’re tiny)  and still holds it’s shape despite it being folded away after each use. It’s also lightweight at just over a kilo apparently so if you fancied you could always take it on holiday with you without taking up much room in your case, not to mention precious luggage allowance!

It has a sturdy construction when in use with a non slip base which is useful for when babies are old enough to sit up in the bath and a plug to allow for easy draining. Brilliant for me as I simply bath him on the draining board in the kitchen and use the plug to drain the water out into the sink when he’s finished.

The little one enjoyed his bath just as much as he usually does. I was concerned he wouldn’t feel as supported without the integrated back and head support in his original baby bath, but he seemed just as happy and calm in the water and loved springing off the edge of the bath with his feet and “flying” up the other end, which he can’t do in the other one, which caused lots of giggles and smiles. As he is only 8 weeks old it is a bath we will be able to continue to use for some time and I think it will be a real hit in the summer used almost like a paddling pool too!

It does say on the website you can use it for pretty much anything from bathing your baby to a toy box or a laundry basket, making it a product which could well outlast it’s 0 – 4 age range. I think bathing in it is by far cuter though as this picture shows!

Don’t however do what I did and come over all David Bailey when you realise you haven’t actually taken any pics of your little one in the bath yet and end up dropping your 2 month old camera into the Flexi Bath, or any other bath come to think of it – camera’s don’t like water!

Whitestep have been generous enough to offer readers of Mum Reinvented 15% off the Real Cool World Range (in which the Flexi Bath is included) until the end of February. To order your own Flexi Bath or one of the other products in the range simply quote REINVENT15 at the checkout. Enjoy!

Please note I received the above mentioned product for review purposes. To view my disclosure policy please click on the disclosure tab above.


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