8 weeks old

The little one turned 8 weeks old on Sunday and continues to be the most chilled out, happy little thing, just like his big sister used to be at his age. He talks from the moment he wakes up in the mornings until the moment he goes to bed at night and is adding more and more noises to his vocabulary by the day. His sister gets a barrage of squeals, squeaks, giggles and smiles the moment she walks through the door, as does his dad when he gets in from work. You soon know about it if you aren’t paying him enough attention when he’s in his chair as he gets louder and louder until you go chat to him, he really is a funny little thing.

He loves having his nappy changed or taking his clothes off ready for a bath, like any baby, because he gets to kick his legs about and he loves his legs and feet being massaged/tickled/kissed, not to mention having raspberries blown on his tummy. It’s probably the time when he talks to me the most and of course those gorgeous giggles just make me melt! We’ve been testing out a new bath this week (review to follow) and I was worried he wouldn’t like his bath as much as he usually does, but of course he was his usual chilled out water baby self and even found a new game to play while he was in there!

He still sleeps like a dream, but still not until after about 10.30/11pm. He seems to think night time is from then until he decides to wake up which could be anything from 7am to 11am, then sleeps again for up to three hours after his morning feed. I need to try and get him to have this morning sleep in the evening before his long sleep but I’m really not sure how unless I start his bedtime routine at around 2pm as I already start it at 6pm and it takes a minimum of 4 and a half hours after that to get him to sleep for the night. We move again in three weeks into a bigger place so I’ll probably wait until then to tackle it as the move may unsettle him anyway. Any suggestions of how to turn my semi nocturnal baby into one that sleeps at normal hours would be much appreciated!

He’s getting more coordinated when holding his toys now too. It’s funny to watch him pick them up and move them infront of his face when he sort of jumps as if to say “what the hell is that?”.  He’s also enjoying the toys that dangle down from the bar on his bouncer a bit more now, talking to them and reaching out for them, whereas he wasn’t too keen on them before.

We’re still full of colds/flu – well me and the baby anyway! He was unsettled for 3 nights when he woke during the night so I knew he was unwell, but he’s sleeping through again now and is just a little sniffly with the odd cough thrown in. He has his injections booked for next week now so at least he should be over it before then.


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