2 months old

The little one turned 2 months old on Saturday (and 9 weeks on Sunday if you’re counting), I can’t believe we’ve had him for that long already but it also seems like he’s been with us forever. He’s changed so much in that time, from a (not very) tiny newborn into a highly talkative cheeky baby who seems to have a sense of humour already. He still has a mop of gorgeous dark hair, which will need cutting if it grows any longer and doesn’t seem like it’s going to fall out any time soon. (the back and top are literally two inches long which makes for rather a cute spiky hair look with a bit of a mullet for good measure)

He had his 2 month injections on Monday and in typical fashion he didn’t make a fuss, infact the first of the three injections went completely unnoticed, with the second and third only causing a few tears. He fell asleep in the car and by the time we got home he was back to grinning like a cheshire cat and chatting away. He seemed a little lethargic throughout late afternoon and evening but didn’t get a temperature and was none the worse for his experience it seems, I even got a slightly earlier night out of it which makes a change for my little night owl. Thankfully we won’t have to do it again for another two months though, it’s not exactly my favourite way to spend an afternoon!

I had a go at weighing him on the wii fit earlier and his weight seems to be around 12lbs, which seems about right for his birth weight of 9lb 9oz. There is no baby clinic here and they don’t routinely weigh them when they have their injections either so I doubt I’ll ever know precisely how much he weighs although that doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I know he’s healthy and charting his weight gain isn’t going to tell me otherwise. When I had my daughter I went to baby clinic every week only to be told she weighed too much one week and hadn’t put on enough weight the next, not to mention what percentile she fell into (what the hell is a percentile anyway?). Then there was the whole “my baby weighs more/less than yours” among the other mothers at the clinic. I simply don’t care how much he weighs or how he compares to other babies, he weighs what he weighs and will develop at his own speed, not one dictated by other mums or health visitors.

He’s developed cradle cap recently, quite badly too, so he smells like a chip pan where I cover him in olive oil an hour or so before his bath. I can’t remember how long babies have it for, it’s been a long ten years since my daughter had it after all!

He’s continuing to laugh, smile and “talk” to anyone who will listen, “shouting” when he feels he isn’t being given enough attention and he’s started chewing and sucking on his hands a lot now which may be the start of him teething, or he may have just realised his hands belong to him. (Not sure how old they are when they start teething – another thing I can’t remember, but it doesn’t seem to bother him – yet anyway!)

We’re still getting plenty of lovely uninterrupted sleep, but it’s still no earlier and it’s starting to grate on me that I can’t spend time with my daughter without the little one needing my attention for whatever reason. I never thought I’d be complaining about a baby who loves his sleep so much, I just wish he’d love his sleep slightly earlier in the evening! Oh well, we’ll attack some kind of a routine with gusto once we move and settle into the new place in a few weeks. Any tips on moving with a tiny baby and not losing your mind will be appreciated!


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