Listography: Top 5 Cookbooks

It’s been ages since I last joined in with Listography over at Kate Takes 5 but when I saw this one in my GReader this morning I couldn’t help but get typing.

I love cookbooks, there’s nothing like getting a new one and sitting there with a cup of coffee (or something stronger) and devouring every page. My favourite ones are those with a story about each recipe, transporting you into the kitchen of the chef in question or to the place where they first tried the dish.

Stuffed Vine Leaves Saved My Life by Nadia Sawalha is one such book. It’s full of wonderful family memories evoked every time the  recipe is recreated. Each recipe has a story, whether that transports you back to Nadia’s roots in the Middle East, her days in EastEnders or her family life with her husband and children. The food itself is amazing, from proper Middle Eastern kebabs to  Spanish chicken drowned in sherry and garlic and delicious creamy mushrooms on toast to cakes made to her daughters recipe, there is something for everyone and not once have I tried a recipe I didn’t like, even if I haven’t tried every one of her aunt’s famous stuffed vegetables yet – there’s isn’t a vegetable you can’t stuff don’t you know!

Jamie Does… is another book with a story to tell. This was a tv series a while back and follows Jamie on his travels around France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Morocco. Each recipe features the story about how Jamie either created it inspired by the ingredients of the region or country he was in at the time or how he adapted a traditional recipe, not to mention an amazing photograph of the finished dish. The photography in this book really helps the recipes come to life and the recipes certainly don’t disappoint.

I Love Curry is another recipe book I turn to time and again. Packed full of easy and authentic curry recipes and many dishes she created herself, along with accompaniments such as breads and rice, it’s a book that both confident cooks and those who are yet to brave making a curry from scratch can enjoy.

Rachel’s Food for Living is a lovely book full of great recipes from simple week night meals to gorgeous food for entertaining. I love watching her tv show which is currently on at the weekend and would love to get my hands on some more of her titles.

Tana Ramsay’s Family Kitchen: Simple and Delicious Recipes for Every Family is a book full of great recipes the family will love from spaghetti bolognaise and macaroni cheese to birthday cakes and delicious cookies. She’s another one who’s books I’d like a few more of! Don’t be fooled into thinking Mrs Ramsay’s book is full of complicated or Gordonesque dishes, this is proper home cooking that you and the kids will love!

23 responses to “Listography: Top 5 Cookbooks

  1. Tana Ramsay’s Family KItchen is one of the books that made my list! 🙂
    We’ve also got the Jaime Oliver book, sadly that one didn’t make my final Top 5, even though it’s a great one.
    Never heard of the Nadia Sawalha one, it sounds lovely though and one I might just have to check out!

    • Just had a look at your ones, they look great! I need a Hairy Bikers cookbook, I love their programmes and Rachel Allen’s Bake is on my wish list! The Nadia Sawalha one is brilliant the food is amazing and the stories behind the recipes are really lovely!

  2. Mmm lovely list. Your first one had me drooling – may have to check that out!

    • It is definitely my favourite of the lot! Who’d have thought “Annie” from EastEnders would turn into such a good chef and there’s no way that figure she has now came from eating half the dishes in the book!

  3. Rachel Allen is popping up a lot here as is Tara so I might need to invest in one of these. I love books that are easy to follow and not too labour intensive.

    • I think both Tana Ramsay and Rachel Allen books are great for that, Tana Ramsay particularly for me. It’s not food you couldn’t eat every day either (with the exception of the birthday cake, but then I don;t need an excuse to eat cake!) so it’s always a winner for me!

  4. I’m a Rachel Allen fan too. Just really simple recipes, but they taste great.

  5. I must buy the Tana one. Great list of books. I had heard of the Nadia one, you’ve made it sound very intriguing, must check it out!

  6. Tana Ramsay and Rachel Allen’s books seem to be very popular. I should really go and buy a couple of them.

  7. Great list. I have that Jamie one too but never find I have all the ingredients to make anything in it without going on a special trip to buy them. I must try and get more organised to give a few more of the recipes in there a go.

  8. I had no idea Nadia Sawalha had written a cookery book! The more you know! 😀

    I, too, love that Jamie book.

  9. Great list…love Jamie & Tana…never looked at Rachel’s but probably should and had no idea that Nadia Sawalha had a cook book…tho’ thinking back, wasn’t she on Celebrity Masterchef?

  10. Wow this is a really interesting list. I think I need my Book Depository wishlist open as I read to add all the interesting titles. The Nadia Swalhala one looks fab. I love a book with more than just recipes.

    • I’d definitely recommend it, I love that book! I just had a peek at your list, I love Nigella books, I have the Christmas one, but none of the others may have to invest in some. I love stirfrys too but only ever use soy sauce so may need to get myself the stirfry book you mentioned and get a bit more adventurous!

  11. I like the look of all of these, especially the Tania Rmasey one. I’d no idea she also had a cook book.

  12. Another glowing mention for Tana Ramsay, who I hadn’t even heard of! Great list 🙂

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