11 weeks old

The little one turned eleven weeks old on Sunday and he’s changed so much in the last two weeks since I posted about him. He seems to have doubled in size for a start! I’d read to expect him to gain weight rapidly once he hit two months old and he really seems to be. Gone is my tiny little baby (can a baby born at 9lb 9oz actually be tiny!?!) and in his place is a chunky little monkey who is getting stronger and bigger with every day that passes. He seems to have grown about a foot too! (must remember to measure him and see how much he’s grown since he was born) He’s in 3 – 6 month clothes now, his 0 – 3’s are still ok but getting a little tight and of course he’s getting rather long for his bodysuits and vests now too so as of Sunday I’ve changed his wardrobe over and he has a huge selection of clothes to choose from (more than me which is ridiculous for a baby!). I haven’t bought him any clothes at all, they’ve all been bought for us or given to us by friends who have little boys who’ve grown out of them. Some of these clothes we’ve been given still have the labels on or could only have been worn once, saying that he has so many of them he could probably wear one outfit a day for the next month at least and not wear the same outfit twice!

His hands are getting far more coordinated in their movement, he reaches out for his toys and can hold them and move them around now too. He has started using his playnest this last week as an alternative to his chair which he desperately tries to escape from by pushing on his legs until his head is practically hanging off the back of the chair. He seems to like the bright colours of the playnest as well as the noises of the toys that attach to the (yet to be assembled) gym that attaches to it.

He is becoming more and more talkative, cooing, shouting and gurgling throughout the day, whether it’s in conversation with you or with his toys, or even at a bird outside – the other day he was shouting at the dogs on Crufts almost as if he was cheering them on! You certainly know if he wants attention as he really shouts at you until you go and have a chat with him or play with his toys. He’s particularly talkative during nappy changes when he squeals and laughs as you blow raspberries on his tummy and tickle his toes and he loves having his nappy off – don’t they all! Bathtime is still one of his favourite times of day (well except for when he’s feeding of course!) and his new game is to splash his arms and legs around in the water so much so that he soaks me, the floor, the mirror above the sink unit where I put his bath – then he giggles! I’m sure he has a sense of humour already!

He’s still breastfeeding, although not at every feed. We still have a night time bottle given to him by either my daughter or partner and he has a lunch time bottle too which seems to satisfy him more than just breastfeeding him all day. It also allows me to get off the sofa instead of being stuck on my bum all day with a baby clamped to my boob! He never used to like the taste of formula milk, you could tell that although he drank it he preferred breast milk just by the funny look on his face when you put the bottle in his mouth, but now he wolfs it down and as it’s thicker he’s fuller for longer and more satisfied during the day. Forget all this “nipple confusion” rubbish about breastfed babies not taking to the breast once they’ve had a bottle, he couldn’t care less what you put in his mouth as long as there’s milk coming out of it!

Despite moving last week his sleep pattern still remains the same, there was no disruption as I’d expected, instead he’s still sleeping for 8 hours a night from around 11pm. A habit I’m determined to get him out of and into a more normal (going to bed earlier) routine once the house is unpacked and some kind of normality is restored.

His cradle cap is still showing no signs of going. He smells like a chip pan the vast majority of the time where I’m covering his scalp in olive oil before washing it off in the bath. He also appears to be chewing on his hand more and more which may be the beginnings of teething. It doesn’t seem to bother him at the moment though – fingers crossed it continues not to!

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