Yoomi Bottles

Ages ago a friend mentioned Yoomi bottles and how great they were, allowing her to feed her baby on the go without having to ask for the bottle to be heated up beforehand. I remember thinking how far things had come in the world of baby bottles since I had my daughter 10 years ago and googled the bottles but was put off by the price (£22.50 for 5oz bottle and warmer and £23.50 for an 8oz bottle and warmer – there are multipack offers too). When I saw that Yoomi were looking for people to review their bottles when I was pregnant I got in touch to see if I could take part, after all I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and if they were worth their price tag!

I was sent a 5oz bottle and warmer to review and have used it several times in the last 11 weeks since the little one was born. The bottle itself comes in bright yellow packaging which is both eye catching and sturdy and inside is a wide necked bottle, the most breast like teat of any bottles I’ve seen and the part that makes the magic happen – the bottle warmer, which sits snuggly inside the teat itself.

I had assumed the bottle would magically heat milk at the touch of a button, which in a way it does, but you have to charge the bottle warmer first. You can either use a steam steriliser or place it in boiling water for 25 minutes before allowing it to cool for 75 minutes. Once needed you make your bottle up as normal, insert the warmer and press the button on the side of the warmer through the teat. Your bottle is then warmed within a minute to the temperature of breastmilk. It’s a brilliant idea and certainly an innovative one.

The bottle was heavier than more run of the mill bottles due to the warmer itself weighing rather a lot. I also made the mistake of assuming you just pressed a button to warm the milk, I hadn’t factored in the charging of the bottle which takes a whopping 1 hour and 40 minutes in total including the heating up and cooling down of the warmer. It struck me as a bit too time consuming unless you were highly organised or only used yoomi bottles and got into the routine of heating and cooling them all at once. You certainly couldn’t decide to go out on the spur of the moment, unless you already had the warmer charged and ready to go!

Obviously the cost was something that had originally bothered me enough not to buy a yoomi bottle when I first heard about them and unfortunately having used one it still does. I love the concept of the bottle but I could never afford to buy them for myself, especially as the warmer lasts for 100 uses before you have to replace it. Yoomi do have lots of multipack deals, which gets the cost down a bit but I still couldn’t justify spending that amount on a few bottles.

Despite my concerns about the cost and time involved in charging the warmer, my baby son had no problem getting to grips with a new teat. He is mainly breastfed with a few formula bottles thrown in and had no “nipple confusion” following use of the bottle and went back to breastfeeding with no problem at all. He definitely enjoyed the milk warm out of the bottle. When we’re out and about or in the car he often has to have cold bottles when there is nowhere to warm them up but he practically guzzles the milk from the yoomi bottle.

Yoomi bottles weren’t for me, but that doesn’t mean to say that they wouldn’t make someone with more time and patience than I have a lovely new baby gift.

Please note I received the above mentioned product to review. For further information please click on the Disclosure tab above.

One response to “Yoomi Bottles

  1. I have to say they do sound like a good idea in theory but seems like they’re something of a luxury, not to mention, like you say, time consuming when baby needs feeding there and then. The other thing that concerns me abouth these is, I don’t think any new mum is organised enough to remember to charge the warmer…!

    Great review though.
    CJ x

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