Meal Planning Monday – on Tuesday

A little late this week to join the linky for Meal Planning Monday but it’s really helping me to keep on track with the shopping each week, not to mention the budget and hopefully now my waistline – I’m aiming to shrink it considerably in time for my sisters wedding in two months time. I’m loosely following Slimming World again which has helped me lose 4 stone in the past, so fingers crossed it’ll help me shift the baby belly and a bit more besides!


Pork stirfry


Spaghetti Bolognaise


Mediterranean Chicken with jacket potatoes and salad


Gammon, egg and chips


Chicken fried rice


Home made burgers and wedges

For more of this weeks meal plans visit the linky on At Home With Mrs Em

One response to “Meal Planning Monday – on Tuesday

  1. Never too late to join in, sometimes I join in on a Wednesday! Chicken fried rice – my favourite!

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