Listography: 5 reasons I know I’m a…….

New mum

  1. I can’t pee/shower/talk on the phone/send an email/get dressed/breathe without a small loud person demanding my attention.
  2. It took me 4 attempts the other day to make and drink a full cup of hot coffee.
  3. My biceps could put a body builder to shame what with carrying a rapidly growing baby around all day – shame about the rest of me!
  4. My house looks like a cross between a rubbish dump and a busy branch of Mothercare.
  5. It’s taken me from Sunday until Wednesday to write this post and I’m doing it with a baby cradled in one arm.

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3 responses to “Listography: 5 reasons I know I’m a…….

  1. ha ha. I still can’t really be guaranteed peace and quiet in the loo and my daughter is nearly two. She likes to come and check on me even now. Keep on drinking the coffee and writing the posts… however long it takes. x

    • My daughters 10 and still thinks she can walk in on me when I’m in the loo, even the cat used to get in on the action at one point and the little stray kittens we befriended actually sat on my lap once while I was having a wee – seems I may never have one in peace – maybe when the kids leave home!

  2. I had a toddler sitting on my knee every time I went to the loo until recently, and now I have the baby sat there! I always have to leave the door open too so I can check what’s going on out there.

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