12 weeks old

I love those little feet!

The baby turned 12 weeks old on Sunday and has not sat still for longer than a few minutes over the last week or so! He is constantly on the move and if he isn’t he wants to be and shouts until you help him to sit up or let him stand on your legs or you bounce him up and down etc. Because of this he can’t be left for even a trip to the loo as he has already toppled his bouncy chair over, although thankfully his dad caught him in time, and his new trick is to throw himself backwards in his play ring until it flies up and over him – again we’ve managed to catch him in time but the boy needs to be pinned down or something to stop me having a nervous breakdown or him doing himself an injury!

He is loving trying to sit up and whether he’s in his ring, on your lap, on his changing mat or in his chair he is constantly pulling himself up, sometimes successfully, into a sitting position before collapsing back down again. He loves it when I sing (no idea why it sounds like a cat being strangled!) nursery rhymes or even sing along to the radio and music tv and loves it even more if I make his hands do little actions and tickle him as I sing. (His laugh is still my favourite sound in the world) He reaches out for toys and can hold on to them for increasingly long amounts of time before ramming them into his mouth. He ‘s discovered he can poke his tongue out now too by the looks of it because he’s often doing it then bursting into laughter when you catch him.

I changed his wardrobe over from 0-3 to 3-6 months so he looks tiny again in sleepsuits with flappy feet and that are too long in the arm and his new size 3 nappies practically go round his waist twice despite being for babies 9 – 20lbs. Just packing away his gorgeous little outfits and vests makes me want another one, he’s growing way too fast for my liking!

Last night we had a breakthrough/fluke with his sleeping. Instead of 10.30/11pm he was in his cot by 9pm! It gave me my arms back for the evening which was great and I curled up on the sofa, watched a new dvd and chatted on facebook/read magazines, it was heaven! Fingers crossed it continues from now on!

We’ve been using a baby carrier this week in preparation for using it when we are at the airport on our way to my sisters wedding in a few months and it’s certainly helping me get a bit more housework done as when he’s in the carrier it means I don’t have to sit next to him the whole time incase he throws himself out of his chair again. He’s not overly keen on it but it’s a novelty for the first half an hour or so. He even fell asleep in it the other day on our first trip to the supermarket, hopefully  it will do the trick when we’re at the airport!


2 responses to “12 weeks old

  1. Aww I love the picture of the little feet. They do grow so fast especially at that age, it’s like the grow every week. Enjoy x

  2. Awww what cute little feet! Sounds like he’ll keep you busy once he’s up and about. He clearly wants to catch up with his sibling.

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