Meal Planning Monday

Another week has gone ridiculously quickly! This last one seems to have gone by quicker than usual, probably because we were counting down the days until my mother in law is due to arrive (wish me luck!). Because she will be staying with us there is a strong likelihood we’ll be eating out at least one night while she’s here but on the nights that we don’t eat out I’ll stick with some easy favourites of ours – meatballs and coq au vin with a twist. The rest of the week I’ll be sticking to slightly healthier options as it will be week two of my diet this week.


Paprika Chicken with jacket potatoes and salad


Chicken curry with bombay bhajis


Beef casserole


Roast chicken dinner

Nothing particularly exciting this week, although I was a little put off last week by my foray into the world of Slimming World style chicken fried rice as it was absolutely revolting. The stir fry didn’t go down too well with my daughter either so it’s back to a few old favourites this week, besides after a few days playing hostess all I’ll want is a couple of easy and relatively quick recipes I can throw together without spending too much time in the kitchen. Maybe next week I’ll be a little more adventurous with the diet style meals!

For more meal plans this week visit At Home With Mrs M for the linky


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