Rocky Road to Caramel Easter Egg

When asked to review an egg from the Easter range by Hotel Chocolat my daughter couldn’t contain her excitement, especially when I told her she could choose the egg she would like to review. It took a good hour or so of browsing the website but she finally settled upon the Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg. She almost combusted when it arrived and set about devouring it at a rate of knots.

The egg arrives in a gorgeous box tied with ribbon and is wrapped in gold foil. It’s accompanied by a menu card, for not only are you about to sample the most unbelievable egg you are also in for a few bite sized treats too in the form of 12 delicious chocolates, all of which tie in with the Rocky Road to Caramel theme and include pralines with cookies, caramels and solid chocolate chicks and bunnies.

The egg itself is definitely extra thick, it’s maybe four or five times thicker than normal Easter eggs and each half is flavoured differently. One half is packed full of puffed rice, cookies and chocolate chunks with a white chocolate drizzle and the other is milk chocolate with a layer of caramel chocolate. Neither my daughter or I could decide which was our favourite part of the egg, they were both simply amazing.

As for our favourite chocolates my daughter went for the chick and the bunny, I on the other hand love the orange praline and the praline cup – I do love a good praline! They were however all amazing and I’d quite happy demolish the lot all over again!

The egg is priced at £26 and although it is more expensive than any egg I’ve ever bought my daughter, or indeed anyone else for that matter, we both agreed that it was certainly worth the money. The amount and quality of the chocolate used in the egg far exceeds that used in a normal egg that you can pick up in a supermarket or corner shop. I’ve now been informed that I will be making several purchases from the Easter range this year including the Classic Egg & Soldiers, Eggsplosion Slab and the Easter Chicken Coup! (not that I would complain if I wasn’t now on a diet – well maybe just a little bit won’t hurt!)


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