Meal Planning Monday

Another week on the diet, fingers crossed I’ll have lost a few pounds when I weigh myself tomorrow. I’ve behaved myself food wise despite the visit from the mother in law, which could have seen me reaching for the chocolate like it was going out of fashion, but thankfully it was actually a lovely few days so I needn’t have worried.

This week it’s Slimming World all the way as I try to shift some more weight before my sisters wedding.


Sweet Chilli Chicken


Braised Beef with red wine


Fajita Pork and pasta


Paprika Chicken Casserole


Keema Curry




A roast dinner of some description, although I’m determined it won’t be a chicken one – again!

I’m also going to have a crack at making some Slimming World friendly rice pudding in the slow cooker and some yummy things that will do me for lunch for a few days too with some salad.

Bacon & Cheese Tortilla Espanola

Bacon, mushroom & sundried tomato pasta

I’ve got far higher hopes for these Slimming World inspired recipes than the last ones I tried so fingers crossed they turn out as good as they look!

For more meal plans this week, head over to At Home With Mrs M for a peek


2 responses to “Meal Planning Monday

  1. The SW recipes are generally good. I don’t follow it (I follow Rosemary Conley) but still use SW as I know they’ll be low in fat/cals and tasty! 🙂 Have a lovely Easter x

    • I found one in the last RC mag I got that I quite fancy too actually, a sausage and rice dish with sundried tomatoes, looks really nice so will be giving that one a go soon too! Hope you have a lovely Easter too!

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