14 weeks old

Well 14 weeks and 4 days if you’re counting! My gorgeous little monkey is growing by the minute! At 3 months (13 weeks) he was 64cm long, a 10cm gain on his birth length and he’s definitely filling out too, going from a skinny legged baby to one with those adorable little rolls of chubbiness – I love those little legs!

He’s desperate to sit up unaided and pulls himself up when he’s in his playring and shouts in frustration when he can’t quite hold himself up there as long as he wants to. He does the same while on your lap and unless he’s tired he doesn’t want to lay back on you, he has to be sitting or standing the whole time which is doing my bingo wings the world of good, especially as he’s developed a love of being bounced when he’s standing up or “flying” – both of which have him laughing and squealing in delight.

He spends time on his tummy, around 5 to ten minutes a day. He can hold his head up and rocks back and forth as if willing himself to move forward. We need a playmat so he can go on the floor, so at present it’s my bed on his changing mat, but he doesn’t complain! His new game is holding his head up and grinning at you before hiding it on the mat and giggling – this can go on for the entire time he’s on his tummy, little monkey!

As you can see his hair has continued to grow but he has a cute bald patch at the back now which looks rather funny coupled with his mullet and mohican – what a look!

He’s had a busy few weeks, his nanny came to meet him for the first time last week and stayed with us for a few days, which was lovely and he took a shine to her immediately. It was a really nice few days despite my worries, we explored the area, had a few gorgeous meals out and as his daddy had time off work it was lovely seeing them together for such a long time rather than him rushing back to work after his days off. Yesterday we went to the zoo, the sun was shining for the first time this Easter holiday so off we went and it was a great day out. The baby loved it because he could see and hear kids running around having fun and squealed at them in excitement and gawped at the animals, probably wondering what on earth they were. He’s usually asleep when we’re out and of course we haven’t taken him anywhere like a zoo before so it was a real experience for him and he seemed to enjoy himself. He was so tired when we got home that he was in bed before 9pm, which if you read this blog you’ll know is unheard of before 10pm at night!

He’s lying here next to me in his chair and was snoring away and cuddling his favourite toy, then he opened his eyes and beamed at me. I know I’m biased but he is utterly adorable!


2 responses to “14 weeks old

  1. My daughter has the same haircut ! I guess it is pretty trendy 😉 hehe

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