Silent Sunday

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8 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. ohh crocs or aligators can never tell Great photo x

    • lol I can’t remember, think they were crocs – am sure my 10 year old will remember though! It was my first time experimenting with Instagram, quite like the effect actually!

  2. Just read your above comment! I HEART IG! Pretty much all of my blog posts photos are from my IG feed! I like the effect it puts on them and means we don’t have to go messing around with some photo editor!! :)) PS That pic sends shivers down my spine!! x

    • lol it did mine too when I was standing there and the OH was telling me where the crocs could have escaped from their enclosure! Men! I’m definitely loving Instagram, always wondered what it was but as I was a smartphone virgin until recently I never got to use it, love it now though – mind you was too lazy to bother with any effects before so hopefully my pics will see an improvement from now on!

  3. Well there’s an interesting Easter pic…! lol!

  4. Crocodile love :0)

  5. ooh what an interesting picture. x

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