A week in tweets

Inspired by a tweet from Jo from Slummy Single Mummy the other night I thought I’d do my own week in tweets. It was definitely a different one – my baby son started sleeping 12 hours a night and finally going to bed before 10pm, my daughter decided to smash a casserole dish and get a huge deep gash in her foot and I managed to get my bank account blocked! Not bad going for one week!


Oh bugger, have discovered chocolate philly thanks to the milka version – bad move for the diet, just eaten half a tub with a spoon!


Small pink screaming thing (aka the baby) finally in bed! I have my arms back woohoo!


@cakeboule haven’t looked at it properly yet, my diet is rapidly going out the window this week, I’ll be wearing a tent to my sisters wedding soon


Baby has discovered he can scream like a girl – queue him doing it for 15 minutes while peeing himself laughing! Shrill little weirdo!


Just incase anyone else is as thick as me, it’s best not to wash your clothes with a dishwasher tablet. It’s what the washing powder is for!


Should I be insulted I was just asked if I come from Essex? Apparently I sound like someone from TOWIE – do I buggery!


Bleeding child is now bandaged up with foot in the air, baby is now screaming – give me strength!


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