Travelling with children

We’re off on holiday for a week soon, including a 3 hour long flight with a long legged excitable ten year old and a then 5 month old baby that shrieks like a girl when he’s excited/tired/frustrated – needless to say the thought of the flight and the “joys” it may hold are enough to have me dreading the thought of it.

When I heard that Netflights had put together a summer holidays puzzle pack   to keep kids occupied on trips abroad I couldn’t help but take a peek. It’s completely free and as you can print it yourself it doesn’t cost the earth and is easily transported in your hand luggage, ready to be produced when the kids get bored. It contains colouring pages, dot to dot, noughts and crosses and word searches, among other actvities. My immediate thought was that it may be a little too young for my daughter, but having had a look at it herself she assures me that she isn’t and would happily complete it on our flight, along with her usual suduko and watching dvds, so it seems it will be coming with us on our trip.

Now if the people at Netflights can organise something to keep my baby boy happy (or asleep, either is preferable to high pitched shrieking!) for the duration of the flight, they really would be onto a winner!

If you have any ideas of how to keep a baby occupied on a flight or any tips on flying with a baby please do let me know.

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3 responses to “Travelling with children

  1. Hi! My husband and I travel with our 9month old daughter nearly every 6 weeks, to see family. The flight is 3hours and we’ve been doing this ever since she was 2 months. I take 2 bottles with me and give her one upon departure and she normally falls asleep then because the flight coincides with her nap time. The other bottle is for emergency purposes – it always works to quieten her. I take her ‘quiet’ toys with me and try and sing to her quietly when she becomes ‘loud’ (she’s a screamer too!!) the only thing I hate is that she doesn’t get a seat for herself, and airplane changing units are a very tight space, so try and change his nappy just before boarding and pray no poo is on the way! I think the flight times are important to take into account, and if like my daughter your son loves travel motion, that will help you! Maybe you can try and keep him awake for as long as possible before the flight? Don’t worry too much though – 3 hours pass quickly and if your partner/spouse is there with you, he can help, which is very useful!

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