Meal Planning Monday

Last week went out the window in terms of meal planning. We had another visitor for a week so there were a few lunches out which meant skipping dinner altogether but we stuck loosely to a list I’d written on my new menu board (cheap blackboard and chalk pen does the job brilliantly!). This week I’m keeping it simple and trying to save money (we’re going away for a week soon) so I’ll be using what I already have in the freezer for the most part.


Roast chicken (we didn’t have it yesterday as I was stuck in bed most of the day with a migraine and the flu)


Spaghetti with garlic, chilli & olive oil who doesn’t have these ingredients in their cupboard? I had this several times in Malta and among a hell of a lot of terrible food this simple dish really stood out. I never got round to making it though, well not until this week!


Rustic chicken with carrots, green beans and potatoes


Bacon, mushroom & sundried tomato pasta


Chicken supreme




May end up being something like pizza and jacket potatoes or toad in the hole

For more meal plans this week, check out At Home With Mrs M


2 responses to “Meal Planning Monday

  1. Yum I shall be around on Thursday then – especially as I don’t have time to cook that day lol. We are also having roast today as we couldn’t yesterday.
    Have a good week.

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