Monkey Bars

So I bet you’re wondering what an earth a monkey bar is? Think a huge (bigger than your iPad) 500g slab of chocolate with interesting flavour combinations and you’d be pretty close!

Designed to celebrate all that is great about the UK and London in 2012, what else could these bars be called but names derived from cockney rhyming slang, the name monkey bars is itself slang referring to it’s weight – monkey = 500 in cockney rhyming slang. There are five bars in the collection – Adam & Eve (Believe), Shake & Shiver (River), Daisy Roots (Boots) , Nanny Goat (Boat) and Airs & Graces (Races), all of which come in bright packaging featuring the London skyline and numerous landmarks and items and emblems  associated with the UK.

I was sent both Adam & Eve and Nanny Goat to try and luckily as they both contain nuts the daughter wasn’t interested, although she did kindly offer to suck the chocolate off the nuts and spit them out for me, needless to say I declined that delightful offer!

First up I got my teeth into the Adam & Eve bar, a creamy Venezuelan milk chocolate with a lovely orange flavour, which was subtle rather than overpowering, punctuated with whole hazelnuts, which really worked. I love chocolate and orange but I wouldn’t ordinarily pick up a bar with nuts in it as I’m not really that much of a fan, but it was delicious and the hazelnuts gave the bar an extra bite to it.

Nanny Goat was somewhat of a revelation, having not been one to enter into the salty and sweet combination of so many desserts and sweets that are available these days, so I was a bit wary of it. I needn’t have worried, it reminded me of the peanut brittle I used to make for my grandad with my nan years ago, but with the added bonus of creamy milk chocolate. It was quite simply delicious!

Both bars are large, perfect for sharing so I’m told, and they do break into handy 33g blocks incase you are feeling generous with your chocolate. Each of the bars was studded with nuts and packed full of flavour and you could tell the chocolate itself was something special and of great quality. I’ve always been a fan of Montezuma’s since I first read about the couple who founded the company back in 2000 with just bags of enthusiasm and a dream that has taken them from lawyers to chocolatiers. My favourite truffle being the Colombian Cappuccino, I never tire of seeing what amazing flavour combinations they come up with next – lime, chilli & tequila blended with dark chocolate anyone? I’m definitely a fan of the Monkey Bars and plan to grab some of the Great British Pudding range bars soon too.

If like me you fancy getting your hands on some delicious chocolate from Montezuma’s you can visit them online or in one of their 5 shops (Brighton, Chichester, Winchester, Kingston-upon-Thames & Spitalfields).

Please note the above mentioned chocolate bars were provided for review. For information regarding my disclosure policy, please click on the Disclosure tab above.


2 responses to “Monkey Bars

  1. I think the strange names would put me off personally because I wouldn’t be 100% sure what the flavour would be. The size of the bars sounds brilliant though

    • They are funny names, I’m used to all the cockney rhyming slang though – not that it tells you what’s in the chocolate bars of course, but it is printed on the front of the packet thankfully. The size of them are in one word huge – another one of the reasons I’m not losing any weight at the moment, that and the huge carrot cake I cooked the other day lol

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