17 weeks

Another few weeks have past and the little one is now 17 weeks or 4 months old. He’s come on leaps and bounds in the last few weeks, has reached an impressive 70cm tall, which is 6cm growth in the last four weeks and had a visit from another family member.

His newest toy is his door bouncer which he’s been using for about a week or so now and he loves it! He doesn’t necessarily bounce in it, just wanders around and twirls about, which he seems quite happy with and it frees up my arms which is brilliant as he constantly wants to be stood up these days and my poor bingo wings need a bit of a rest! He looks so tiny in his bouncer, like he shouldn’t be in there already, but it seems there’s no keeping this little one still. I just know he’s going to wreak havoc the moment he starts crawling!

After making up a few batches of baby food and freezing them in preparation for him turning 17 weeks (earliest recommended age to wean these days), I ended up trying him on a tiny spoonful of apple and pear puree that was left over when I was filling two ice cube trays with it. To say he loved it would be an understatement! You should have seen the smile on his face and he was kicking his legs about in excitement and beaming at us all – he had an audience!   Because he was obviously so keen on his food I started him at 16 weeks and he has loved it, trying new flavours and getting to grips with the spoon, which he happily waves around and puts into his mouth.

He appears to be teething, his gums are very hard and his hand never comes out of his mouth unless he sees a spoon or bottle coming towards it of course! He’s also appeared to have the sniffles, although that may be also be thanks to our recent visitor who left us a gift when he left last week – the flu! It’s affected his sleep, my angel of a baby who had until last week been sleeping for 12 hours a night after finally going down before his usual 10pm started waking every hour after 3am for a few days. Now it seems though he’s back to his old trick of going to bed at 10pm and sleeping until 7 or 8 am, which of course is lovely but means by the time he goes to bed I’m ready for bed myself. Oh well I guess it’s just a case of waiting to see what hours he decides to keep now we are back to just the four of us again.

He should be having his 4 month injections this week, although I’m still waiting for an appointment, so I guess we’ll see when we’ll be subjected to them shortly. Never a trip I relish, but needs must unfortunately.


4 responses to “17 weeks

  1. Oh wow, 17 weeks already and bouncing away and eating proper food! How did that time go so quickly!! He sounds like he is doing really well, a little ray of sunshine xx

    • It has gone unbelievably quick! I know I’m biased but he is a lovely little thing, even if he did turn into a crazed screaming thing for a few days this week because he’s now got teeth coming through already – argh!

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