20 weeks old

Improvised playmat

At 20 weeks the little one is into everything – god help me when he actually starts crawling! He loves tummy time and I’ve finally got him off his changing mat on my bed and onto an improvised playmat consisting of a thick blanket and a sheet on the floor – think marble floors and no rugs and you’ll see my dilema! He’s desperate to crawl, mind you he’s desperate not to sit still, stand still, lie still too, which is where he came unstuck the other day……


He thought it would be a great idea to sit bolt upright in his bouncy chair and keep on going, queue much crying (from the 10 year old rather than the baby!) and a huge bump on his poor little head. It seems he decided to do his first injury in style but true to form, after an initial shocked cry he was fine despite my worrying (and the 10 year olds).

He had his 4 month injections last week, beamed at the doctor who was giving them, had a quick cry after the first one then continued grinning throughout the second one. Not quite sure who was more amazed at how happy he was, me or the doctor! He was fine after his injections with just a bit of a temperature in the evening so we seem to have got through his second lot unscathed – roll on the next lot at 6 months then he doesn’t need any more for a further 6 months.

He made me the proudest mummy ever by saying “dada” at just 18 weeks old, which was witnessed not only by me but by his “dada” and his big sister too which was lovely. The 10 year old and I both shed a tear and his daddy could not have been happier. The baby, quite clearly rather impressed with his achievement simply won’t stop saying it and it varies throughout the day from a clear but simple “dada” to “dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadad” over and over again. He simply adores his daddy and his little face lights up the minute he sees him every morning and when he catches a glimpse of him when he gets home from work, he’s the same with his big sister, it’s lovely to watch.

He continues to enjoy his food, he’s getting somewhat keener on the savoury stuff than he was so at least he isn’t just having fruit based meals. He is still on baby rice for breakfast which he loves, which is strange as to me it always seemed rather bland and boring, but it actually smells really nice – maybe they make it differently than they did 10 years ago. He then has either a savoury or fruit “meal” in the evening before his bath and bottle and it works well for him, it’s made no difference to his sleep pattern, he sleeps at least 8 hours a night as he always has and despite eating “solids” still doesn’t go to bed any earlier, which was never the intention when I decided to wean him anyway. The main thing for me is that he clearly enjoys his food, loves grabbing the spoon and feeding himself and he controls what he eats and when. If he only wants a few spoon fulls at one meal time, that’s fine by me, if he was hungry he’d eat more of it after all, the same goes with his milk.

This week will see us going on a plane for the first time as a family so it should be an experience, whether it’s a good one remains to be seen, but I’m hoping he will be as chilled out as he usually is and leave me to have the breakdown rather than him! Wish me luck!


2 responses to “20 weeks old

  1. Trust me they get used to the tiled floor really quickly. Take away the wadding, they very quickly learn to roll using their sholders to protect their heads.

    A is now starting to ’tile swim’, I think it’s easier for them to get around on the tiles by pulling themselves along, I remember J did it for ages before he started crawling properly.


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