5 months old

Baby boy is 5 months old today. Five months of cheeky smiles, giggles and cuddles that have melted our hearts. It’s not been easy adjusting after a 10 year age gap, but it hasn’t been hard by any stretch of the imagination. We have been blessed with a baby who seems (so far) to be the most contented little boy anyone could wish for, always smiling and happy, with just the odd day or so thrown in to test me. I still can’t quite believe my luck!

This last week has seen us brave a 3 hour flight to visit family and true to form he behaved impeccably, not a tear in sight at the airport or on the plane – infact he was probably far more well behaved than any of us! He took it all in his stride, smiling at the other passengers, fluttering his lashes at the hosties and sleeping for both take off and landing there and back. Needless to say it wasn’t the stressful journey I thought it would be. He loved being passed around by numerous relatives during our stay, any excuse for someone else to cuddle and grin at and of course everyone adored him.

Sitting up with his best friend Eeyore

In the last week he’s been getting far better at sitting unaided, instead of falling to the side within seconds he can stay upright for far longer. He was using a highchair on holiday quite a bit, so instead of feeding him in his bouncy chair like I had been he’s been in his highchair for his breakfast and dinner since we got home. He loves it! Sitting up at the table with us all, or even just me or his dad (who attempted to feed him for the first time while he was in his highchair the other day) he gets so excited, kicking his little legs up and down and rocking back and forth while shrieking in delight – a bit like me when I see cake I guess! He moved on from just basic baby rice for breakfast and simple one or two vegetable or fruit purees for dinner to meals that involve a few more flavour combinations while we were away too – his favourites being porridge with apricots for breakfast or parsnip, pea and apple puree for dinner from Plum that he absolutely loved.

He’s enjoying spending more and more time on his tummy these days and tries desperately to crawl but its not happening, he’s only tiny after all! If he isn’t on his tummy he’s on his feet, one of his newest things is standing up on your lap or the floor and growling at whatever he wants, whether that’s the remote control, a toy or his dad – he’s a funny little thing!

He got to play with another baby while we were away too, my friend brought her 9 month old to see us and they loved having a babble at each other and playing with each others toys. He was fascinated by this older, more mobile baby and now I don’t have to worry about nasties like chicken pox keeping us from flying now that we’re back I’ll be looking at taking him to a mother and baby session or two soon as I’m sure he’ll love it. He’s also got used to animals, my mums cat offered hours of entertainment and he’s been around a few dogs too, who weren’t bothered by his presence at all. He also went to his first ever birthday party and a wedding, so he’s had a very busy week!


2 responses to “5 months old

  1. It’s lovely to watch our little ones progress isn’t it and by blogging you have a ready made diary to look back on too. win win

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