One Perfect Summer

Ever wondered about your first love? The one that got away? I did, and to cut a long story short, it took ten years but we found each other again, met up, fell in love all over again and we now have a 5 month old baby. Another blogger once told me it was like my own personal fairy tale, I’m not sure fairy tales include the use of facebook to find eachother, but I guess you could call it that.

This book is pretty much in the same vein, Alice is 18 and about to start Uni when she goes on a 6 week holiday with her mum to Dorset. Convinced she’ll be bored out of her mind, she isn’t really looking forward to it until she claps eyes on Joe. Tall, slim, gorgeous Joe, who just so happens to work behind the bar in the local pub. It’s love at first sight and the two fall hard and fast, their happiness only shattered by an unimaginable family secret which sees them being ripped apart.

A distraught Alice finally manages to move on with her life, enjoying Uni, making new friends and even marrying what should be the man of her dreams, yet she can’t forget about the man who first captured her heart. Joe’s life has changed unimaginably over the last nine or ten years, does he still remember that summer all those years ago or has he moved on?

Well I’m not going to tell you! You’ll have to find out for yourself! This is a great book that I managed to read within a week (very impressive with a baby!), although this was due to being on holiday and travelling to see friends and family quite a bit so I managed to read in the car, on the plane and I finished it off in the early hours of this morning while feeling rather sorry for myself after coming down with the flu.

Although based at first around young adults it doesn’t seem too young for a slightly *ahem* older adult to read, which I was initially worried about incase it turned out to be a book aimed at late teens. It flows easily throughout the years that pass since you first meet Alice and follow the twists and turns in her relationships, some of which you would never imagine for a second. It’s a great book, with a lovely story and the ending leaves you wanting more – I was desperate to know what happened to the characters after the ending if that makes any sense!

Please note I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes. For further information on my disclosure policy, please click on the Disclosure tab above. 


2 responses to “One Perfect Summer

  1. Sounds like a great summer read!

  2. Sounds pretty romantic 🙂 Imma read it!

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