Miracle Box Birthing Ball

Way back when I looked like a weeble and spent copious amounts of my day waddling around like a jersey cow with severe heartburn, I was sent a Birth Ball from The Miracle Box to review. I was desperate to ensure the little one was head down for the birth so bouncing about on a birth ball seemed like a good idea.

I received the birth ball, which was selected for me due to my height (there is a smaller one for shorter ladies) and with it came a pump and a measuring tape (for the birth ball thankfully not my ever expanding waist which was probably wider than the birth ball) with instructions on how to inflate and use it safely. A DVD on pelvic floor and core exercises, 3 exercise wall charts for pregnancy, post natal and advanced exercises using the ball and information on how to use the ball to help with optimal foetal positioning.

I used the ball on a regular basis, following the exercises to get the baby into the best position for birth as well as the odd exercise to keep me in some semblance of a shape, although as the days went on I looked more and more like the ball I was bouncing on by the day! Did it work to get the baby into the right position for birth, I don’t know, he was always diagonal until the last few weeks when he was head down, then he decided to pop out again and go back to diagonal during the birth which wasn’t fun let me tell you. I had terrible SPD and while I was on the birth ball it did seem to relieve it a little bit, but I still suffer from SPD 5 months after giving birth so it was never going to take the pain away entirely (unfortunately). It also seemed to help when I was in the throes of labour at home, I used it while contracting away on Christmas Eve, as well as the few weeks leading up to giving birth when my braxton hicks were a nightmare and getting stronger by the minute. I even tweeted from it on Christmas Eve just a few hours before going into hospital:

I used the ball a few times to exercise after having the little one when I was in the mood for exercising but that soon went out the window when cake became more appealing than diet food. I’m sure I’ll be getting it back out of the box again for some exercises at some point this week now I’m back on the diet wagon again. There are some exercises that you can do with your baby, but to be honest I’d be petrified I’d slip and launch the baby over my head or fall onto him and crush him. Needless to say I won’t be doing any of those, maybe a less chunky and more coordinated woman would feel differently!

In all I liked the birth ball, it certainly gave me something to focus on while in labour and the rocking motion helped during contractions and with the pain of my SPD. There are loads of exercises you can use it with during and after your pregnancy so it’s not like you have to throw it away once baby arrives, it can be used as part of an exercise regime forever. As for the helping baby into position thing, it may well have done, but I’m not medical professional and after going through 2 pregnancies now I have come to the conclusion that a baby will pretty much do whatever he or she feels like despite what weird and wonderful positions/remedies etc you try to get him or her to move/put in an appearance etc.

You can get your own Miracle Box Birth Ball by clicking on the link above for £29.99.

Please note I was provided with the above mentioned product for review. For more information on my disclosure policy, please click on the Disclosure tab above. 


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