6 months old

Six months ago today (on Christmas Day if you’re counting so that means you have exactly 6 months until the next one – sorry!) we welcomed this beautiful little bundle into our family and our hearts.

Six months of nappy changes, splashing in the bath, smiles, first words (dada), laughter and cuddles. This little boy has brought so much happiness into our lives and fitted in to our family like he has always been a part of it.

He seems to have changed by the day, that helpless baby disappeared what seems like a lifetime ago and in his place is a strong, funny, happy little boy who scoots about in his new walker chasing his big sister and laughing to himself as he goes. He has a smile that charms everyone he meets, no one can resist him and if you’re lucky he may even blow you a kiss!

I always worried I couldn’t love another child as much as I love my beautiful daughter, yet every time I look at him my heart just seems to ache with love for him. I wish, in a way he would stay at this age forever, discovering new things by the day yet still depending on me, but yet I can’t wait to see how he changes as he grows.

Here’s to another wonderful six months with my beautiful boy!


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  1. What a lovely post 🙂

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