Do you look in the mirror and like what you see? Chances are there’s something you don’t like, whether it’s a double chin, bingo wings, or like me your “mum tum”.

6 months after having my son my stomach is huge. I would say still huge, but that isn’t true as after I had my son I lost 2 1/2 stone within 3 weeks and felt brilliant. I had confidence, I was fitting in clothes that were too small for me before getting pregnant and I felt really positive about continuing to lose weight and getting to a size that I was really happy with. Fast forward a little over 5 months and that confidence has gone and in it’s place a self loathing I just can’t seem to shake. I put 11lb back on over the last few months, all of which seems to have collected around my stomach and despite not exactly being skinny in the first place I can really see every single pound and it’s really getting me down.

Stop moaning and exercise I hear you say! Of course I could and I did start with good intentions, it’s just that with a baby who barely sleeps during the day and won’t sit still when he isn’t sleeping, nor will he sleep at night lately I don’t have time. Not when I have a thousand other things like cooking, cleaning and trying to spend some time with my daughter to do when he is actually asleep. I meal plan every week and manage to stick to it, not only from a diet point of view but also a budgetary one, but that only works for dinners. Breakfasts and lunches soon get forgotten when trying to hoover/iron/take my daughter to and from school/shop all while holding a baby in the other arm or stop him from destroying everything in his path in his walker (he’s like a little hurricaine since I bought him it last week and is in to EVERYTHING!) so I go without or end up bingeing on a load of chocolate or cakes, or something equally calorific.

I’ve been in quite a low mood recently, the knock to my confidence being one of the reasons for it, but I can feel the cloud gradually lifting so to speak. I need to find that spark that went missing a few months ago to get me back to that confident, happy new mum I was and get back on track with eating healthily, exercising and losing weight. If anyone can point me in it’s direction or has any tips to help me along the way I would really appreciate it right now.



3 responses to “Fat

  1. I know how you feel, trying to juggle looking after my three little men is exhausting and trying to do exercise is a nightmare. My friend is blogging about her weight loss journey and it is fab – really gets you thinking about the decisions you make. If you fancy a read it is http://megettingsmaller.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Aw I’m just catching up on my blog reading now from when I was away and it’s awful that you can feel like this but I do know how you feel. I lost about a stone and a half before my holidays and had the intention of having just one week off for my hols and then straight back on but it didn’t work out that way – I ended up having about two weeks off before (telling myself I was in holiday mode lol) and another two weeks off after so I’ve put on about about half a stone of the amount that I’ve lost. I am back into it now though and am determined to keep going and lose not only what I’ve put back on but lots more besides.

    The annoying thing is that I know how easy it is to lose weight on Slimming world if I just stick to it.

    I have another holiday in the last week of August and I’m determined to have lost a lot more by then and to only have one week off for my hols.

    My goal is to be a lot happier with my weight for Christmas time!

    X X X X

    • Thanks Cass, feeling a bit better now. I think I go from week to week feeling awful or not so bad to positive about losing weight. Wish there was a SW group here to give me the kick up the bum I need – starting again tomorrow after my takeaway tonight! x

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