Meal Planning Monday

A bit late in the day with the meal planning, but we’ve been swimming, cake making and the kids have generally been running me ragged so the meal planning has taken a backseat until the youngest went to bed, which was actually on time tonight which makes a change!


Freezer meal – left over paella for me and a korma for the 10 year old


Chicken stuffed with mozarella and wrapped in bacon with roasted veg and cous cous


4th of July BBQ. In an effort to do something a bit different with my daughter for the 4th of July we’re having our own little bbq complete with bugers, kebabs, potato and pasta salads and even smores for dessert!


Steak with alioli and jacket potatoes


Mexican Chicken with rice


Tapas. Another one I’m getting the daughter involved in, she loves tapas and will no doubt get chorizo in red wine, croquettas de jamon, quesadillas, ensalada rusa and loads more on the table with a little bit of help from yours truly.


Roast dinner, although this is more summer style with roasted meat accompanied by roasted veg, salad and maybe sauteed potatoes or rice rather than roasties.

For more meal plans this week, head over to At Home With Mrs M to check them out!


2 responses to “Meal Planning Monday

  1. Hope the weather held out for you this evening. I am with you on lightening the roasts this time of year.

  2. This is a very international meal plan! Hope you enjoyed your BBQ today 🙂

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