Latest project

That’s right I’ve joined the legend that is Mamsaurus  in her new venture, Minibookworms which is a group of parent bloggers and their children who all love a good book. The children range from 6 months (mine) to 10 years (ooh mine again – trust me to have such a big age gap!) and they will be reviewing their favourite books, books picked up from the library and those sent from publishers and authors.

I love reading, the daughter is obsessed with Michael Morpurgo and the baby loves having a chew on any board book you just so happen to leave within grabbing distance, so it will hopefully be something we all enjoy and encourage us to read more as a family. Please pop over, have a look what we’re up to (there are lots of opportunities for bloggers to get involved with linkys etc) and say hi.


One response to “Latest project

  1. Woo Hoo! Well I am going to ‘like’ this aren’t I! Super to have you on board and less of the legend! x

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