Welcome to www.thesinglemumdiaries.wordpress.com aka Mum Reinvented

Mum Reinvented is primarily about my life as a mum to my 9 year old daughter and a mum to be almost 10 years later.

Why Mum Reinvented?

I originally chose the name “the single mum diaries” for my blog, but quickly found myself in a relationship with a past love so “not so single mum” was established. Having outgrown my blog name since becoming pregnant almost ten years after having my daughter, Mum Reinvented was born.

What do I blog about?

I blog about anything and everything. Being a parent, being a single parent and a young mum (I had my daughter at 20), falling off the diet wagon and getting right back on it again (well eventually), favourite recipes, money saving ideas, things I love, reviews and my views on current affairs. Of course now that I am new mum again, my pregnancy and life with a newborn features in my blog and I enjoy making comparisons between my two pregnancies/babies given the fact that things have changed so much since I had my daughter.

One response to “About

  1. You have a great blog…I look forward to reading more x

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