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Follow Friday

I started doing a follow friday post ages ago, where I featured a blog I’d either followed for ages or recently discovered and a bit about why I loved it. I thought it was about time I resurrected it and first to feature is

I discovered this blog through a slimming forum I belong to a few months back and set about recreating a few of the recipes on there. It’s written by an expat mum in Canada who is quite literally cooking herself slim. I’m back on the diet wagon yet again this week and have already worked some of the delicious recipes into my meal plan for the week.

The latest recipes that have caught my eye are Baked Arancini a dish of stuffed baked rice balls that were very popular in Malta, yet I never got round to trying them. These will be going on the list for next weeks meal plan. Strawberry Shortbread Frozen Yogurt sounds amazing and I’ll definitely have to try it. I’m forever denying myself treats when I’m on a diet then of course end up stuffing my face with them when I feel deprived. I’ll also have an excuse to buy some strawberries as now the baby is starting to eat finger foods I’m sure he would love to suck on a strawberry!

Despite going to America and seeing this on every breakfast buffet cart and menu I’ve never tried Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, so this diet friendly version may well have to rectify that!

One of my favourite recipes for lunch is the Bacon and Cheese Tortilla Espanola, it’s easy, filling and went down well with the man and the fussy 10 year old! Another one that had us all reaching for seconds was Fajita Pork Pasta – simply delicious and full of flavour!

This stuff is famous among Slimming Worlders, yet I still haven’t tried it! It’s definitely time for me to try Diet Coke Chicken

Perfect for a hot summers day is Iced Tea, I made my version with normal tea bags (didn’t have any posh fruity stuff in) and sugar free peach squash and it was delicious!

Mini Oreo Baked Cheesecakes are simply begging to be made, infact I may well have to nip out and get some Oreo’s so I can make these tomorrow!

I love Mediterranean flavours and I love cake, so what better way to combine the two than with this recipe for Orange and Almond Cake. My only problem will be not eating the entire cake on my own!

There are loads more delicious recipes on the blog, some of which I’ve tried and some of which I’m yet to try. I’m thrilled to have found this blog though as dieting can be rather a bland and boring time for people who love food and flavours as much as I do and this blog provides some delicious recipes that certainly don’t make you feel deprived in the slightest!



Do you look in the mirror and like what you see? Chances are there’s something you don’t like, whether it’s a double chin, bingo wings, or like me your “mum tum”.

6 months after having my son my stomach is huge. I would say still huge, but that isn’t true as after I had my son I lost 2 1/2 stone within 3 weeks and felt brilliant. I had confidence, I was fitting in clothes that were too small for me before getting pregnant and I felt really positive about continuing to lose weight and getting to a size that I was really happy with. Fast forward a little over 5 months and that confidence has gone and in it’s place a self loathing I just can’t seem to shake. I put 11lb back on over the last few months, all of which seems to have collected around my stomach and despite not exactly being skinny in the first place I can really see every single pound and it’s really getting me down.

Stop moaning and exercise I hear you say! Of course I could and I did start with good intentions, it’s just that with a baby who barely sleeps during the day and won’t sit still when he isn’t sleeping, nor will he sleep at night lately I don’t have time. Not when I have a thousand other things like cooking, cleaning and trying to spend some time with my daughter to do when he is actually asleep. I meal plan every week and manage to stick to it, not only from a diet point of view but also a budgetary one, but that only works for dinners. Breakfasts and lunches soon get forgotten when trying to hoover/iron/take my daughter to and from school/shop all while holding a baby in the other arm or stop him from destroying everything in his path in his walker (he’s like a little hurricaine since I bought him it last week and is in to EVERYTHING!) so I go without or end up bingeing on a load of chocolate or cakes, or something equally calorific.

I’ve been in quite a low mood recently, the knock to my confidence being one of the reasons for it, but I can feel the cloud gradually lifting so to speak. I need to find that spark that went missing a few months ago to get me back to that confident, happy new mum I was and get back on track with eating healthily, exercising and losing weight. If anyone can point me in it’s direction or has any tips to help me along the way I would really appreciate it right now.


My Christmas Wishlist

When you have a baby on the way it’s hard to think about what you want for Christmas. It’s something I keep getting asked but everything is all about the baby’s imminent arrival or making sure my daughter has a wonderful Christmas despite a screaming newborn taking up a huge chunk of the proceedings. I’ve been having a look online and come up with a few bits:

Fenn Wright Manson Silk Slip in Carnation. £64.50. John Lewis

I love snuggling up in bed with a gorgeous silk nightie on, although the effect is often ruined by my rather fetching fluffy bed socks. Of course having been rapidly expanding over the last 9 months my nighties have taken a bit of a bashing and although they still fit me (shocking considering the size of my huge bump!) I think I deserve a replacement!

Penny Kennedy Slippers Journal. £8.95. John Lewis

I love stationary. I’ve always said I have a historical novel in me, not that I expect to ever be able to start or finish one with a newborn on my hands, but a beautiful notebook like this may just be the thing I need to write ideas in.

Christmas Hamper. £80. Choccywoccydoodah

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This gorgeous hamper including a delicious cake and plenty of chocolate goodies by chocolate artisans Choccywoccydoodah is something I would quite happily diet off in the New Year!

Boxing Day Beauty. £44.50. Benefit

I used to have a huge stash of gorgeous makeup, these days I’m lucky if I treat myself to the supermarkets own brand gunk and hope it does the trick. This year I’m dreaming of this gift set, a great foundation that instantly covers flaws and leaves your skin looking amazing, a bronzer and a highlighter so I don’t look like the undead after all the sleepless nights and a mascara that will instantly make me look more awake than I no doubt will be.

Touche Eclat. £24.50. Yves Saint Laurent

Lets face it, an industrial strength concealer will be needed to cover up the black bags under my eyes from all those sleepless nights so it may as well be a luxury one!

Home Planner Calendar. £10.99. Organised Mum

Something I ask for every year without fail. I love these calendars and diaries, they have plenty of space to write things down for busy families and I just couldn’t live without mine.

Bootcamp for tummies. £67. Mama Mio

I’ve only heard good things about Mama Mio, who make gorgeous skin care products. They have a great pregnancy range and this set caught my eye while I was browsing their website for a little treat for myself for after the baby arrives. Perfect for new mums like me (well I will be once this baby gets a move on and decides to put in an appearance!) who have to squeeze their pregnancy ravaged body into a bridesmaid dress just 5 months after giving birth!

I’m sure there are plenty of other things I could come up with, I’ll be needing some new clothes once the baby arrives as they’re all either stretched by late pregnancy or too big for me (yep, weird!), some new boots and shoes as I don’t think I even own anything with a heel these days after binning everything following 3 moves to make room for everyone else’s stuff (the waddle doesn’t do so well in heels either!) and a nice perfume wouldn’t go a miss. I would say books and a magazine subscription, but lets face it when am I going to get the chance to read with a newborn to look after, a 9 year old’s busy social calendar to contend with and a man and a house to sort out!?! I’d love a smart phone to keep me entertained during all those late night feeds, but resent paying for an internet package when they are all wifi and practically everywhere I go has wifi these days, so it kind of rules that one out and a few dvd box sets would be nice to watch while attached to the sofa feeding the baby would be quite nice too.

Just watch, I’ll get a box of chocolates from a petrol station if I’m lucky!

Please note: This is not a sponsored post, I’m just being indulgent!

>Fitness Friday


Now that the parents have headed home, the fiestas are over (well until the next one anyway!) and the daughter is back at school, I have decided to tackle the weight again! I started out losing 4 stone the other year, but failed to keep it up after the man moved out to Spain and put some of it back on, luckily I didn’t increase in dress size again though!

I have only weighed myself twice since I got here 3 and a half months ago, once a few weeks after I got here and I’d lost 5lb what with all the packing and cleaning and when I weighed myself on Tuesday I was happy to find that despite several meals out with our numerous visitors, Christmas, the Spanish equivalent of Christmas and my addiction to the bread out here, I had lost another pound! But more work still needs to be done and as I have a lot to lose I’ve decided to join in with Fitness Friday and Big Momma’s Challenge to get the support I need to get my rather large behind in gear and shift those pounds!

So here’s a little bit about me and why I want to lose weight:

Name: notsosinglemum
Blog: TheDiary of a (not so) single mum
Twitter: @notsosinglemum
Starting Weight: Yeah like I’m gonna tell anyone that, anonymous blog or not!Target Weight: Again you won’t be getting this one out of me either!Amount Lost: N/A
Amount to Lose: According to the “healthy weight” things I need to lose 7st 5lb to fit into the healthy weight category – yep I’m a fat cow! However I was about a stone over what is suggested as my healthy weight when I was a size 12 and for someone who is quite tall you can’t tell me that a size 12 is fat or unhealthy, so I’ll stop losing weight when I feel comfortable at whatever weight I reach.
Dress Size: 20 (yep far too big, but then before I lost weight last year I was a 30 so I’m already 5 dress sizes down!)
Target Dress Size: 14

My Favourite Baddies: Chocolate (in any form), barra de pan (french stick), alioli and pork pies (not that you can get them here in Spain so that’s lucky!)
My Favourite Goodies: Erm, not much as i don’t really like fruit or veg but I can force myself to eat a”salad” or lettuce and grated carrot with a bit of salad cream on top! I like apples and pineapples and my other half complains I always cook chicken dishes, so at least that’s one decent protein I like!
Foods I’m Cutting (Cold Turkey): None, if I want it I’ll have it or i’ll only end up on a binge eating everything in sight and end up eating more calories!
Foods I’m Adding: More fish (well tinned tuna anyway – another thing I don’t like is fish!), veg of some description in or with every meal an low fat yogurts and fruit.

Why I want to lose weight: Lets face it, I have a lot of weight to lose, I’m a fatty! Luckily I have no health problems associated with being far too chunky for my own good, even my doctor was astounded I’ve never so much as even had high blood pressure! However I do have a dodgey back and although it’s not caused by being overweight the more weight I lose the less often I tend to “relapse” and end up confined to my bed unable to move (touch wood it hasn’t happened for two years to date!). I also want another baby, my daughter is almost 9 and although I don’t particularly fancy the sleepless nights etc all over again now that I’ve been well and truly removed from all of that since over the last few years, I desperately want another one. I do however have fertility problems, I went for years and years without having a period thanks to having the depo provera injection after my daughter was born and they’ve never returned to normal, I can go for months without one, yet when I lose weight they become more frequent, so losing weight may help things to get back on track so to speak. I’m also aware that becoming pregnant while overweight carries numerous risks, so getting the weight off is a priority.

Of course I also want to be able to feel comfortable in what I wear, more so now that I live in Spain. Who really wants to be hiding under larger clothes that cover up lumps and bumps in 40 degree heat, it’s bad enough in the 20+ degree heat we’ve been lucky enough to have recently! I would love to feel confident diving into the pool this summer, rather than edging myself into the pool and grabbing a towel the second I get out – here’s hoping!
 My Fitness Plan: I have joined Weight Watchers online and am currently following their new Pro Points system. I’ve been on Weight Watchers before with not much success (I’m usually a Slimming World girl), but their online package is better than others for value for money and I have a Weight Watchers meeting just down the road should I fancy going once I get into the plan and find I need a bit more support. I started on Tuesday of this week, so I’m only a few days in and I seem to be doing ok, although I seem to be eating more than usual!

I have a wii fit to use at home, numerous exercie dvds and of course a whacking great hill/mountain outside my urbanisation to climb to get my daughter to and from the school bus so that shuld hopefully do the trick exercise wise.

Wish me luck!

>Big Momma Challenge – Week Three


Another week has passed and I’ve stayed the same weight! I could pretend I was virtuous in my food choices and to a certain extent I was, I followed my meal plan, it’s just there was a LOT of cake and my weakness food – pork pies – at the family party I went to at the weekend plus I was sent that huge hamper of bread and Nutella so it wasn’t entirely my fault! I blame my aunt and her catering choices and of course Nutella’s PR company for the hamper!

I did actually do a bit of exercise this week (shock horror!), my little monkey and I jumped around to the wii game Dance on Broadway that I had to buy after reading about it on A Mothers Ramblings back in July and what better way to have spent my birthday money than on a game that not only features some of the show tunes I love but will also serve as exercise and I certainly worked up a sweat after doing all the dances on it one after the other! We often put it on now and compete against each other to see who gets the highest score so I’ll be doing some more of Dance on Broadway in the next week as I try and make an effort to actually lose some more weight this week!

I’ve been lucky enough to win a competition at Mums The Boss and will be receiving a Bach’s Emotional Eating Kit which includes the following essences:

 * Crab Apple – When you feel unclean or dislike something about yourself, Crab Apple can help you accept yourself and your imperfections. Self acceptance means you will be less likely to rely on food to make you feel good.

* Cherry Plum – When you fear you might lose control of your diet, Cherry Plum can help you to think and act rationally.

* Chestnut Bud – When you find yourself repeating the same dieting mistakes, Chestnut Bud can help you gain knowledge from your experience. This means you are less likely to fall into your old bad habits, for example reaching for food when things get tough.

It certainly seems that I need a combination of all 3 of these essences and I will certainly be putting them to good use once they arrive. It will be interesting to see if they can infact help me with sticking to my diet in the build up to my move to Spain which being so stressful is certainly going to see me reaching for the chocolate as the nerves kick in, so watch out for updates on how this kit is helping me combat my emotional eating as the weeks go by!

>Big Momma Challenge – Week Two


It’s week two on my Big Momma Challenge that I’m taking part in over at notSupermum’s blog. It started well, I planned my meals, had every intention of exercising and then it all went down hill.

E went in for her operation to remove her troublesome tonsils on Wednesday and I was so hungry by the time we got home I ended up indulging in a McDonalds, exercise went out the window as she’s been feeling so rough and waking me up at all times of the night screaming in pain and I’ve been absolutely shattered and yesterday we made a batch of cookies, only for me to eat about 10 of them!

Needless to say I haven’t lost weight this week, I’ve stayed the same, but that’s good enough for me – at least I haven’t put any on!

This week I have resolved to be as virtuous as possible and plan my meals as much as I can, so here goes a meal plan:


Breakfast – having been woken up at stupid o’clock this morning by a screaming child and spending most of the morning either catching up on sleep or at the doctors I skipped breakfast!
Lunch – Peanut butter on toast
Dinner – “Indian mystery” chicken kebabs from the local butcher (yum!) and cous cous


Breakfast – Toast
Lunch – Chicken and serrano ham salad
Dinner – Meatballs and pasta


Breakfast – Slimfast shake
Lunch – Ham sandwich
Dinner – Spanish chicken


Breakfast – Slimfast shake
Lunch – Chicken and serrano ham salad
Dinner – Spaghetti bolognaise


Breakfast – Slimfast shake
Lunch – Ham sandwich
Dinner – Left over Spanish chicken


Breakfast – Slimfast shake
Lunch & Dinner – If madam is well enough we’re off to a family party so I’ll try and eat as healthily as I can while I’m there.


Breakfast – Slimfast shake
Lunch – Bacon sarnie
Dinner – Left over Spag bol

I’m hoping I can fit some exercise in, depends on how E and I are both feeling though as I feel decidedly dodgy at the moment and of course shattered from being woken up on numerous occasions throughout the night by her majesty standing next to my bed and screaming, which trust me is not the best way to be woken from a lovely deep sleep!

Fingers crossed for a loss next week!

>Big Momma Challenge – Week One Results


Well today was my first weight in day since I started notSupermum’s Big Momma Challenge. I haven’t stuck rigidly to my diet and have allowed the odd treat (plus one incident with a packet of rolos that resulted in me stuffing my face for the entire evening!). I’ve also not exercised as much as I wanted to, but I’ve lost……….

Needless to say I am over the moon and in one week I have lost over half of the 10lb I put back on recently so I am well on my way to losing not only that but the extra five stone (already lost almost 4 and a half!!!) I need to lose to get down to a healthier weight.
I’m not going to set myself any weight loss goals as such as I have done that before and become disheartened when I didn’t lose the 2b or whatever figure it was I set out to lose that week, I’m just focusing on losing and any amount’s a bonus. I need to step up my exercise though as I have been particularly lazy this week and need to get back on the wii fit for purposes other than weighing myself or it’s turned into rather an expensive pair of scales!
Fingers crossed for another loss next week, wish me luck!!