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Follow Friday

I started doing a follow friday post ages ago, where I featured a blog I’d either followed for ages or recently discovered and a bit about why I loved it. I thought it was about time I resurrected it and first to feature is

I discovered this blog through a slimming forum I belong to a few months back and set about recreating a few of the recipes on there. It’s written by an expat mum in Canada who is quite literally cooking herself slim. I’m back on the diet wagon yet again this week and have already worked some of the delicious recipes into my meal plan for the week.

The latest recipes that have caught my eye are Baked Arancini a dish of stuffed baked rice balls that were very popular in Malta, yet I never got round to trying them. These will be going on the list for next weeks meal plan. Strawberry Shortbread Frozen Yogurt sounds amazing and I’ll definitely have to try it. I’m forever denying myself treats when I’m on a diet then of course end up stuffing my face with them when I feel deprived. I’ll also have an excuse to buy some strawberries as now the baby is starting to eat finger foods I’m sure he would love to suck on a strawberry!

Despite going to America and seeing this on every breakfast buffet cart and menu I’ve never tried Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, so this diet friendly version may well have to rectify that!

One of my favourite recipes for lunch is the Bacon and Cheese Tortilla Espanola, it’s easy, filling and went down well with the man and the fussy 10 year old! Another one that had us all reaching for seconds was Fajita Pork Pasta – simply delicious and full of flavour!

This stuff is famous among Slimming Worlders, yet I still haven’t tried it! It’s definitely time for me to try Diet Coke Chicken

Perfect for a hot summers day is Iced Tea, I made my version with normal tea bags (didn’t have any posh fruity stuff in) and sugar free peach squash and it was delicious!

Mini Oreo Baked Cheesecakes are simply begging to be made, infact I may well have to nip out and get some Oreo’s so I can make these tomorrow!

I love Mediterranean flavours and I love cake, so what better way to combine the two than with this recipe for Orange and Almond Cake. My only problem will be not eating the entire cake on my own!

There are loads more delicious recipes on the blog, some of which I’ve tried and some of which I’m yet to try. I’m thrilled to have found this blog though as dieting can be rather a bland and boring time for people who love food and flavours as much as I do and this blog provides some delicious recipes that certainly don’t make you feel deprived in the slightest!


>Follow Friday

>Jessica , who writes over at Hormonal Mummy is a 20 something mummy to E and mummy to be to “flob”. She first started blogging in November 2009 and has assured me I couldn’t possibly find anything to write about her because she doesn’t post very often! Now while it’s true that she isn’t as prolific a blogger as some of us, her blog is a record of her pregnancy, her daughter E’s illness (Cystinosis) and her family life. It’s a lovely blog and it brings a tear to your eye when you read about what poor little E has been through with the numerous tests and hospital stays she has endured, but it also has the most gorgeous pictures of her showing that although she is ill she can smile and laugh with the best of them. She is a beautiful little girl who never seems to let her medical treatment get her down. As for Jessica, I don’t know how she copes with her beautiful little girl being ill, especially with all the not knowing before she was diagnosed, all while being pregnant, she’s a braver woman than me that’s for sure!

For those of you not familiar with cystinosis, as I wasn’t until I read Jessica’s blog, it is described here from an excerpt I have taken from (there is obviously far more to it than this brief excerpt and more information can be found on their website):

“Cystinosis is a rare disease that primarily affects children. Cystinosis is a genetic metabolic disease that causes an amino acid, cystine, to accumulate in various organs of the body. Cystine crystals accumulate in the kidneys, eyes, liver, muscles, pancreas, brain and white blood cells. Without specific treatment, children with cystinosis develop end stage kidney failure at approximately age nine.”

My favourite posts from Jessica’s blog are:

Christmas is coming and I’m getting fat a post all about Christmas and Jessica’s scan

Hello! an unplanned visit to the labour ward, an update on on E and some lovely pics

Quick post Jessica’s cooking disasters and triumphs

The problem with E is…. yet more tests for poor little E

Diagnosis – Cystinosis! after numerous tests little E finally gets her diagnosis

It’s a ….. Jessica finds out the sex of her baby

So as part of follow friday, get yourself over to Hormonal Mummy to say hello and read some more of her posts.

>Follow Friday – on a Saturday!

>My latest victim of Follow Friday, although a little late this week, is Beth from My Good Life. Beth started her blog in October 2009 when she was pregnant with her 2nd child and is a twenty something mum who’s busy planning a wedding, while studying Social Sciences with the Open University and training to be a Guider. Beth is also the creator of My good life – the recipe blog, of which I am a proud contributor.

I discovered Beth’s blogs in the last few months and she is such a lovely girl who I have enjoyed many a twitter chat with! I’ve loved reading all her posts and these are a few of my favourites:

And the other things….. a nervous Beth contemplating the birth of her 2nd child

Over 3 weeks of absence Beth’s first post after baby Dot was born

The End written on New Years Eve, Beth reflects on the last 10 years

Happy Two Month Birthday To You lots of pics of the gorgeous baby Dot

What do your children eat? as the mum of a fussy eater, I enjoy reading posts like this from other mums of picky eaters

How much to lose? Beth sets herself a weight loss target, and as someone who also has quite a bit to lose, I totally get how she feels

Happy Mothers Day a lovely slide show showing pics from Beths last 4 and a half years as a mum

I need a pooooooooo! Little Man’s birth story

It could be days yet Baby Dot’s birth story

‘Appy April Number 3 a proposal!

So as part of Follow Friday get yourself over to Beth’s blog to say hello and read some more of her fantastic posts.

>Follow Friday

>The next victim of Follow Friday is the lovely Amy from And 1 more means four. Amy is a very busy 20 something mum to 4 kids, and she has another little one on the way in the next few weeks too! Amy started blogging on Friday the 13th March 2009, unlucky for some, but not for Amy, who has created a blog that has become a must read for many people. I stumbled accross Amy’s blog via the magic of Twitter a couple of months ago and have read it with interest ever since, this woman has 4 children, held down a job, looks after her hubby and the house, has another baby on the way and still manages to look young and gorgeous! (Can you tell I’m jealous?)

Amy’s blog starts with a post about when the realisation hit her that she was a mum with 4 kids. The whole blog is written with such warmth and honesty that you can’t help but feel like you know her and her family. We get updates on her kids, the joys of toddlers and young children and the funny things they do or say, updates on baby number four as she grows cuter day by day, as well as the cutest bump progress pics and gives us her opinions on numerous subjects – from people dropping round uninvited to customer service.

Some of my favourite posts are:

3 plus 1 equals 4 Amy’s first post, when it hit her she was a mummy to 4 children

Life Lessons what it’s like to have four children

Poem to my husband so sweet and a lovely poem

Paris Part 1 a long awaited honeymoon

Wordless Wednesday Number 5 is on his or her way!

5 reasons why a great post about why certain things are unlikely to happen

It’s a……… the best Christmas present!

You know you’re heavily pregnant when…. absolutely hilarious and so true!

Birth Story Carnival if you like reading birth stories, this one is for you! In honour of Amy’s imminent arrival she decided to organise a birth story carnival and she has had tons submitted, all of which are fantastic to read.

So as part of Follow Friday, get yourself over to And 1 more means 4 to say hello and read some more of this fantastic blog!

>Follow Friday

>This weeks victim of Follow Friday is the lovely Emma from Me, the Man and the Baby. Emma is a 20 something mummy to the gorgeous Oli and other half to Jon (who now has his own Twitter account and is befriending all of Emma’s blogging pals to see if he can get more followers than her!). Emma is a friend to everyone in the blogging community and is always on hand to help people out or offer a kind word when someone is feeling down, she is quite simply an absolute sweetheart!

The blog dates back to January 2009 when Oli was just a bump and her blog has turned into a bit of a must read since then! If you want the cutest baby pics ever then this blog is for you! Emma has a bit of a photo taking fetish and brilliantly documents everything going on, from days out to Oli’s milestones.

Not only does Emma blog at Me, the Man and the Baby, she also reviews in the Mummy Bloggers Book Club and runs her own days out blog, Family Friendly Days Out in the UK. Not quite sure where she finds the time for all of this while looking after a baby, but I have heard on the grapevine that Jon makes a mean Spag Bol, so maybe she does have a helper at hand.

Some of my favourite posts are:

The following three posts are what I can only describe as “Teaspoon – gate”, you have to read these, I’ve been laughing to myself for the last half hour!

Why I will be opening a bottle of wine tonight

So today was kinda crazy

My day of fame

My favourite posts this year In a New Years Eve post Emma reflects on her favourite posts of 2009.

Are you a friend or a follower where Emma tells us what her blog “followers” mean to her and packs in a load of tips on how to get involved in the blogging community

Old before my time? A night out that made Emma feel old – you have to check this one out just for the pics!

Family friendly days out in the UK Emma tells us about her new blog dedicated to days out for the family across the UK, to which I am a proud contributor!

Mistakes This is what happens when you give a baby a chocolate biscuit! Love it!

Earning cash from home Emma gives us her tips on making some much needed extra cash

The day our beautiful baby boy was born where we get to meet Oli for the first time – what a beautiful baby!

As part of Follow Friday, get yourself over to Me, the Man and the Baby to say hello and read some more of Emma’s posts.

>Follow Friday

>The next victim of my contribution to Follow Friday is the lovely Magic Mummy, over at The Diary of a Frugal Family. I can’t remember when I first discovered this great blog, but it was within a few weeks of starting blogging myself, so must have been about 3 or so months ago now and I instantly fell in love with it.

Now Magic Mummy will tell you that she isn’t a domestic goddess, but looking through her blog you can’t help but feeling quite jealous of everything she manages to cram so effortlessly into her day. She has two gorgeous kids (Miss & Master Frugal), a lovely husband (Mr Frugal), a full time job, a house to run and yet she still finds time to make any time that she does spend with her children quality time. This woman could put Nigella to shame with her cooking (no she doesn’t film herself while cooking a meal and thrust her boobs at the camera while speaking breathlessly about how wonderful the food makes her feel) she makes wonderful home cooked food, often with her children, especially Miss Frugal who has even taken over in the kitchen herself now! I should know because I have stolen several of Magic Mummy’s recipes and every one has been easy to make and absolutely delicious. Then there’s the endless ideas she has for things to make with her children, this woman should have a guest spot on Blue Peter!

This isn’t all there is to this blog, as you would expect from a blog with the name “The Diary of a Frugal Family”, Magic Mummy is on a journey to improve her family’s finances. The blog is packed with tips and tricks on how to save money and even make money, plus an insight into how Magic Mummy puts these tips into action for her own family as she shows us how much she has managed to save in a particular month, how she saves for Christmas and for the children’s birthday parties.

Some of my favourite posts from Magic Mummys blog are:

Easter Holiday Letters Where she write letters to her children, boss, the Easter bunny and more telling them just what to expect over the Easter holidays.

Icky Post Warning This is a hilariously funny post detailing one of those moments that only other mums can appreciate when our adorable children do something not so adorable!

Colourful crayons This is one of the great crafts that Magic Mummy has done with her children recently, if I hadn’t just thrown out all of E’s broken crayons I would be doing it this weekend!

Confessions of a bad mother Magic Mummy lets you in on all those things she does that may not measure up to the ideal of the perfect mother in this delightful post.

How to be a cheap date A sweet (and funny, especially the massage bit!) post about how to keep the romance in a relationship alive.

This is a guaranteed diet buster Magic Mummy forces me to accidentally make this and break my diet. (again!)

Twenty questions Very funny and very sweet interview with the kids.

Microwave jam sponge pudding Another recipe I stole, absolutely gorgeous and so easy!

Reindeer dust One of those posts I wish I’d found before Christmas, but will definitely be doing it this year!

My old woman book A self confessed stationary geek and list junkie, a woman after my own heart!

Budget bedroom A post about Miss Frugal’s gorgeous new bedroom, I will be stealing some of these ideas when I move for my daughters new room.

Memory books Such a good idea, I wish I’d have thought of doing it when my daughter was younger, maybe it’s not too late to start!

Frugal cleaning A fantastically frugal cleaning tip! I have been meaning to buy this stuff since I first read about it in this post.

So as part of Follow Friday get yourself over to The Diary of a Frugal Family to say hello and read this fanatastic blog!

>Follow Friday

>Having told you all about Hayley from Single Motherhood Challenges last week as part of my contribution to “Follow Friday”, this weeks victim is Joelle from Thirteen & Thirty. Joelle also has a website called prymface which stands for “Promoting respect for young mothers”.

I first stumbled across Joelle when she emailed me after she read one of my posts on this blog asking if she could link to my blog from prymface, well of course I said yes! Having decided to find out more about prymface I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn’t some site dedicated to young mums that told us what we should or shouldn’t be doing, instead it was about getting the respect that young mothers rightly deserve, instead of allowing ourselves to be pigeon holed by society. Having recently had a makeover, the website is looking very flash indeed and is packed full of great information.

From facts and research on young mothers, a page featuring young mums stories, on which I’m included where Joelle has very kindly described me as “•Smart 28 year old blogs about her efforts to loose weight but in the meantime is an effortlessly brilliant young mum and role model.” (I love her!) Joelle’s own story about how she became a young mum, a section on the rights of young mums and much more!

In the blog on prymface she discusses many articles and the latest government facts and figures as they are released. This truly is the place to come for information on young mums! My favourite recent posts are:

Dear me, letters to my teenage pregnant self. – which is a book put together by a lovely lady who works as a Teenage pregnancy and parents coordinator for Connexions in Leicester shire, that Joelle, Hayley (Single Motherhood Challenges) and I have all been lucky enough to have our letters included in. For this I have Joelle to thank because she suggested that I contact Connexions with my story. The book is now in print and I am expecting my copy any day now – can’t wait!

A fortnight of teenage pregnancy hysteria which is a fantastically written piece about what quite honestly was a fortnight of hysteria about teenage pregnancies which saw the Tories implying that half of all teenagers get pregnant and a map being produced of the British Isles to show how many teenage pregnancies were occurring in each county – will it effect house prices or something? Some people!

Teenage mum stereotypes, which is a great post where Joelle rewrites the stereotypes with her own. I’m the hard as nails one, incase you’re wondering!

Now, while prymface is a great website (make sure you pop over there for a look), there was another website written by a 30 year old woman with a 13 year old son that I was following. Yes I am really that thick that I didn’t put two and two together and realise they were infact written by Joelle, until some weeks later! I am talking about Thirteen & Thirty which is Joelle’s personal blog and gives you more of an insight into her and her family. It is incredibly witty, very funny and I am a huge fan. Some of my favourite recent posts are:

Can’t be arsed which details a conversation between mother and son about acceptable language and had me laughing again.

Diary of a 15 year old which is a post about self reflection and finding an old diary in the loft. Having seen the pic of the diary, I found out that we shared a similar taste in pin ups back then!

Oh my fussing god which details just how long it can take to get anywhere with the CSA – I’ve been there too!

Alice in feminist land where a trip to the cinema got her thinking about the underlying story of Alice in Wonderland

Happy Women’s Day which made me chuckle as no one seemed to know it was International Women’s Day

Both Thirteen & Thirty and prymface are worth a read so as part of “Follow Friday” please drop by and say hello!