Follow Friday

I started doing a follow friday post ages ago, where I featured a blog I’d either followed for ages or recently discovered and a bit about why I loved it. I thought it was about time I resurrected it and first to feature is

I discovered this blog through a slimming forum I belong to a few months back and set about recreating a few of the recipes on there. It’s written by an expat mum in Canada who is quite literally cooking herself slim. I’m back on the diet wagon yet again this week and have already worked some of the delicious recipes into my meal plan for the week.

The latest recipes that have caught my eye are Baked Arancini a dish of stuffed baked rice balls that were very popular in Malta, yet I never got round to trying them. These will be going on the list for next weeks meal plan. Strawberry Shortbread Frozen Yogurt sounds amazing and I’ll definitely have to try it. I’m forever denying myself treats when I’m on a diet then of course end up stuffing my face with them when I feel deprived. I’ll also have an excuse to buy some strawberries as now the baby is starting to eat finger foods I’m sure he would love to suck on a strawberry!

Despite going to America and seeing this on every breakfast buffet cart and menu I’ve never tried Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, so this diet friendly version may well have to rectify that!

One of my favourite recipes for lunch is the Bacon and Cheese Tortilla Espanola, it’s easy, filling and went down well with the man and the fussy 10 year old! Another one that had us all reaching for seconds was Fajita Pork Pasta – simply delicious and full of flavour!

This stuff is famous among Slimming Worlders, yet I still haven’t tried it! It’s definitely time for me to try Diet Coke Chicken

Perfect for a hot summers day is Iced Tea, I made my version with normal tea bags (didn’t have any posh fruity stuff in) and sugar free peach squash and it was delicious!

Mini Oreo Baked Cheesecakes are simply begging to be made, infact I may well have to nip out and get some Oreo’s so I can make these tomorrow!

I love Mediterranean flavours and I love cake, so what better way to combine the two than with this recipe for Orange and Almond Cake. My only problem will be not eating the entire cake on my own!

There are loads more delicious recipes on the blog, some of which I’ve tried and some of which I’m yet to try. I’m thrilled to have found this blog though as dieting can be rather a bland and boring time for people who love food and flavours as much as I do and this blog provides some delicious recipes that certainly don’t make you feel deprived in the slightest!

Holding back the years

No I’m not about to launch into one of those woe is me I found a wrinkle posts (I haven’t – yet!). The ten year old is growing up fast, yet it seems not as fast as her friends and I don’t know whether this is a good thing or not.

It’s my fault entirely, having worked for the police and seen the delights of unruly teens first hand along with dealing with cases of missing and abused children, I’ve kept her pretty sheltered to a certain extent in terms of where she can go without me and what she can have – although that’s more down to financial reasons and my archaic views. Having lunch with one of her school friends recently made me question whether keeping her as sheltered as I have done is a good or a bad thing though.

Although the same age, this girl exuded a confidence far beyond her years whereas my daughter although confident around people she knows is very reserved around those she doesn’t to the point where she questions her own abilities. My daughters friend is allowed out in the area she lives to visit other childrens houses etc whereas I don’t even let my daughter take the bins out (outside our gated apartments and across a road) and if she goes to a friends I expect her to stay inside that friends house. On one occasion she visited a friends house who lived near a park and despite me telling her she wasn’t allowed to go without her friends mum I knew full well her friends mum wouldn’t stay with them and I felt sick the entire time she was there. I think I have to learn to trust her, she is sensible the majority of the time, but I worry she will be led astray by other kids.

As for the material side of things I am a terribly unfashionable mum and probably cause her much embarrassment. She doesn’t have a mobile phone for a start – her little mate on the other hand had one resembling a blackberry that she happily tapped away on, updating her facebook page throughout our day out. I did promise I would let the 10 year old have my old phone, a horrificlly  old fashioned little flip phone that is worth about a fiver for when she goes to her friends houses and might want to contact me, however I then worry about her being bullied for not having a more fashionable phone.

She didn’t have a DS until she was 6, despite asking for one for 2 years and her peers having them much sooner, but I was determined not to let such a young child have a computer game. In an ideal world she may have only received one for her tenth birthday, but in actual fact she got a 3DS as the DS is no longer cool or something along those lines. Her friends all have iPads and laptops. She bought herself a cheap android tablet using her birthday and Christmas money and instead of accessing her facebook account on her behalf and relaying information to her to ensure she isn’t receiving any messages she shouldn’t be, I’ve let her access it on her own, however I still have it registered under my email address and can see what she does and what is sent to her etc, so I’m gradually letting go, even just a little. (Another instance of my being rather embarrassing is she wouldn’t have been able to have a facebook profile in the first case if we hadn’t moved away from all of her friends – twice, as I’m not keen on kids having them)

I really am feeling torn between keeping my little girl as a little girl for as long as possible or encouraging her to spread her wings and gain a little more independence. What do I do?

Latest project

That’s right I’ve joined the legend that is Mamsaurus  in her new venture, Minibookworms which is a group of parent bloggers and their children who all love a good book. The children range from 6 months (mine) to 10 years (ooh mine again – trust me to have such a big age gap!) and they will be reviewing their favourite books, books picked up from the library and those sent from publishers and authors.

I love reading, the daughter is obsessed with Michael Morpurgo and the baby loves having a chew on any board book you just so happen to leave within grabbing distance, so it will hopefully be something we all enjoy and encourage us to read more as a family. Please pop over, have a look what we’re up to (there are lots of opportunities for bloggers to get involved with linkys etc) and say hi.

Weekly Must Haves

Last time it was a bright and summery Mia Tui bag, this week it’s a gorgeous dress from Mango that’s caught my eye and matched with these shoes and bag from Nine West it makes a great outfit for lunch with the girls in the sun, a wedding guest or a romantic evening with him indoors.

Summer stripes

Meal Planning Monday

After having visitors last week and my birthday and therefore cake and lots of other delicious treats, I’m back on the Meal Planning and dieting wagon. Instead of just planing my dinners, I’m planning breakfast, lunch and dinner as I find when it’s written down I stick to it and that is ultimately what will help me lose weight.


B – Cheese on toast

L – Tuna salad

D – Chicken and pasta in a creamy sundried tomato and basil Philly sauce


B – Cereal

L – Slimming World quiche and salad  (for a nice SW quiche recipe see my friend Cass’s one here)

D – Pork in sherry sauce with vegetables


B – Bacon sarnie

L – Slimming World quiche and salad

D – Piri Piri Chicken and jacket potato


B – Cereal

L – Slimming World cheese and bacon tortilla

D – Steak pasta with a creamy roasted pepper Philly sauce


B – Cheese on toast

L – Slimming World cheese and bacon tortilla

D – Jerk chicken and rice (from the new SW mag)


B – Cereal

L – Tuna salad

D – Andalucian Meatballs (from the new SW mag)


B – Cereal

L – Chicken and bacon salad

D – Chicken kiev and jacket potato

For more meal plans check out At Home With Mrs M